Gunbot 10 comes with new packs and new prices

Gunbot 10 comes with new packs and new prices. As always, you can purchase Gunbot licenses from https://www.gunbots.com

Let’s take a look to the new prices, packs and addons:

In summary, Gunbot Starter (equivalent to Gunbot Lite) will cost 0.04 btc and it will be able execute 2 trading strategies: Emotionless and BBTA/Gain. Gunbot Standard will cost 0.10 btc and, unlike Gunbot Starter, it will be able to execute all the supported trading strategies and it will be able to use all the trading indicators, trailme and bag handling tools.  Gunbot Pro, whose price is 0.20 btc, includes licenses for 3 exchanges, 1 Crypto Sight profit tracker license, and the new backtesting Addon, which will definitely be extremelly useful. Finally, Gunbot Ultimate, which is the highest pack, costs 0.30 btc and it will include all the features included in Gunbot Pro plus the following advantages:

1- It includes licenses for all the supported exchanges, that is, it allows us to trade on Binance, Kraken, Kukoin, Cryptopia, Cex.io, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex and Coinbase Pro.

2- It includes TradingView Addon.

Above you can take a look to the prices of Gunbot Addons in the case you purchase them alone:

Summarizing, to purchase an extra Gunbot license alone costs 0.05 btc. The price of 3 extra Gunbot licenses addon is 0.10 btc. TradingView Addon costs 0.05 btc, and CryptoSight Addon costs 0.015 btc. Finally, api swap service keeps the old price: 0.01 btc.

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