Gunbot 10, what is coming?

At the momment of writing this article (9th June 2018), Gunbot 10 is on Beta phase, and Gunbot v10 Final will be released soon. A lot of people are asking “What’s new?”. Ok, let’s take a look at the main changes and improvements Gunbot 10 will bring:


– Revision of Reverse Trading (going to be called two-way trading)

– Implementation of SMACROSS indicator.

– Implementation of ADX indicator (trend).

– Implementation of EMASPREAD indicator.

– “Forcast” and “Forecast trend” indicators (This is a stab at what the future price is likely to be)

– New custom strategies:

1: BBTA: BB on steroids – Low_BB/High_BB and Gunbot will trigger trades when price crosses BACK over BB boundries.

2: Revamp to RSI – Same thing as BBTA. Price drops below RSI then triggers when crossing back over.

3: TSA strategy: Time series analysis (this is the forecast. You can use it as its own strat)

– Addition of Kucoin exchange.

New setting, “enabled”: true.  Set this to false and gunbot will omit that pair from cycling. You no longer have to delete pairs from the list and all your overrides or waste precious cycles on a pair with buy/sell false.

– Support for custom naming strategies.

– New improved and user friendly GUI.


Contra June 9, 2018

Thanks for the info. Can’t wait for Gunbot 10 release!!


Bart July 5, 2018

Any news on the release date?


    admin July 5, 2018

    Hi Bart, we are doing our best to try to release the new version asap, although we are doing an intensive beta testing job to assure it will be a solid an stable version, so there isn’t a fixed release date yet.


      daede July 26, 2018

      how can i join the beta? 🙂


        admin July 26, 2018

        Hi Daede, in order to be added to beta tester group, there are 2 requirements:

        1- Own a Gunbot license.
        2- Only users who have been using Gunbot for at least 1 month can be added.

        If you meet this requirements, please send an email to info@gunbots.com


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