Gunbot: Kucoin trading bot

Gunbot v10 works on Kucoin. As you know, we are constantly adding new Exchanges, and Kucoin is the new supported one. Finally we can say that Gunbot is the first Kucoin trading bot on the Net.

At the time of this post, 30th May 2018, Kucoin is supported on Gunbot 10 Beta. If you already purchased a Gunbot license and you want to try our latest Gunbot v10 Beta, you can send us an email to info@gunbots.com . Anyway, note that Gunbot v10 Stable is about to be released.

A lot of people is asking us “Which one is the next Exchange will Gunbot support?” The answer is Bitmex. Gunbot will be adding Bitmex support very soon. Enjoy!

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